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Keep Your Home Healthy With These Cleaning Tips

Despite your best attempts to keep your carpet clean, it will no doubt still be susceptible to accidental spills, drops and dirt that frequently comes into your home. Carpet cleaning will help keep your carpets looking good and last longer as a well-maintained carpet will normally last twice as long as other carpets. Here are a few tips you will find useful to remove stains, spots and spills from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

After a spill, never wait for too long before you act. Always try to clean it up as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to rid your carpet of the stain. It is also important that you vacuum at least twice a week. This is because dirt acts like tiny razors on your carpet fibre eroding it away and making it wear out much faster.

It is also important that during vacuuming you adjust the vacuum cleaner accordingly. If it is too low, you might damage the carpet. If it is too high you will not pick any dirt. If you want to keep the dirt off your carpet, you can place coarse textured walk off mats outside your door. This will help remove most of the dirt from shoes as they come into the house.

If you get a food spill on your carpet try to get rid of as much of the solid as possible. You can then use white vinegar if water fails to get rid of the stain. Let strong commercial cleaning products be the last resort as they may do more harm than good if over used. If you buy a cleaning product and are unsure of its effect, test it first. This can be done by using on a hidden area of your carpet to examine what it might do to your carpet.

When trying to clean up small areas of spill stains, it is better to use a cleaning powder as carpet shampoos take longer to dry. This can put the room off limits for long and create worse cleaning problems if someone accidentally steps on it. When you see snags on your carpet, do not try to pull them out. Pulling them out could ruin your entire carpet. Instead, it is advisable to use scissors to cut such snags.

Always take your time when cleaning a plush carpet. It is advisable to divide it into quadrants and do at least two or three passes on each quadrant. In addition, move slowly to make sure the vacuum has enough time to suck up all the dirt. It is important that you do not attempt to use a hairdryer to dry off a carpet. Attempting to do this could put a permanent stain on your carpet or worse still ruin the carpet fabric.

If you want to to keep your carpets looking as new as possible, but haven't got the time to clean them yourself, then the services of a professional carpet cleaner will be money well spent. If you live in Wellington and have specialist rugs that need to be cleaned, or deep stains in your carpets that need removing then look no further than Debra’s Carpet & Upholstery- your professional carpet cleaners in Lower Hutt.

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